We can provide services to enhance your Digital Presence. Contact us for more information or to discuss other online areas that you may need help implementing. And if we’re not able to help, we’d be more than willing to recommend you to some other contacts that could help. 

We can manage your Web Presence or I can help in specific areas where needed, while you focus on you core business. Contact us:

A strong website will both represent your business and ‘work’ to attract more customers.

  • Design- We would work with you to understand the style of you and your business to provide both design options and advise on how to build the site for an optimal user experience for your clients and prospects.
  • Develop- Once a design is accepted, a high-quality ‘living’ site would be built to bring it from an idea to a reality. The website would be responsive to various desktop browser sizes and mobile/tablet viewing sizes.
  • Maintain- An area that most business owners do not know nor understand is that the internet is ever-evolving on a daily basis. Just like your business, your site needs to evolve with your user base. Depending on your digital footprint you should have a regular understanding of how your site is working for your business. Having this understanding can make or break the quality of your Digital Presence.

Online Marketing:
There are various ways to spread the word about your business over the Internet. And unlike traditional marketing, online advertising doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money.

  • Advertising on other sites- Provide banner ad designs and help you display your online ads on various websites to attract more people and grow your customer base.
  • Email Marketing- Design an attractive email ad and distribute to your existing customers, to encourage repeat business
  • Advertising Space- Depending on your business, your site can be sleekly designed to advertise for your partners and friends, and bring in extra revenue.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)- allocating some marketing budget towards higher results in key search words for your business.

Digital Quality:
Even if you have a current online product but don’t have a specialized test team, it is a good idea to have an expert review the site/application. Many times errors such as typos, and broken links get missed in the development of a site. Sites may work on some browsers and not others. Also, small updates to your site or even someone’s computer can cause major issues. With 10+ years of experience, I can fairly quickly analyze if your website is of high quality and strongly representing your company online.

Social Media:
Social Media has exploded over the last couple years with the growth of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (If you don’t know what these funny names are, then contact me). 

Everybody can look up anybody and anything on the web at all times. By implementing Social Media practices to your business you can instantly reach your customers and gain new ones. You can even advertise limited time deals to your VIP followers, and give them a sense of special attention.